Bronze is the New Gold

Thank goodness for my parents, cousin, coaches, and teammates, because without them, I would not have gotten through the Nation's Cup (rounds 1 and 2). After the completion of the first day of competition, to say I was disappointed, confused, and absolutely dreading the following day would be a polite way to put it. I... Continue Reading →

Rounds 1 & 2

The morning of the competition, both Arly and I headed to the barn at 7:30am for a quick flat ride before gearing up to compete. I was excited for any opportunity to ride Nando – his changes are automatic, his lateral work is effortless, and to top it off, he’s so pretty that people can’t... Continue Reading →

The Horse Swap

I'm currently writing this blog in the viewing area in the National Riding Hall of Budapest. What. Is. My. Life. Let me backtrack a second before I get ahead of myself. I competed Sunday, July 28th on Spicy in the Classic (remember, this is one of the few times you get to wear white pants)... Continue Reading →

Show Jumping for Dummies

PSA: I leave for Budapest on SUNDAY. Apparently time traveling is now a thing, because somehow the daunting date of July 28th is only 3 sleeps away. This also means that I have spent a total of 9 weeks working for Neal and Licha Shapiro at Hay Fever Farm, and wow, let me tell you... Continue Reading →

Attempting to be a Show Jumper 2.0

Andrea (Dre) is back, and instead of continuously changing my URL to align with the new adventure I'm embarking on, I have decided to keep my "Dre the Zookeeper" name as I feel that no matter what life hits me with, if I survived the crocodile park, I can do anything. So, my next adventure... Continue Reading →

Status: Granted

You’ve heard it here first ladies and gents – I completed my 88 days of zookeeping so that I could apply for my second year visa, and I officially get to stay in Australia until July 2019!!! As excited as I am to be able to stay in this magical country for another year, getting... Continue Reading →

Broome’s Next Top Model

The newest series of Broome's Next Top Model features a reluctant American girl persuaded by her South African friend, Skye, to partake in a photoshoot for the resort he works at. Yeah, you guessed it. Skye was asked by his manager if him and "that American girl" could come in for a photoshoot for their... Continue Reading →

Not a Happy Camper

Where to even start.. So much has happened since my last blog.. per usual. The amount of stories I will be able to use to get me out of any awkward situation/horrible date is impressive. I hate to start on a sad note, but my favorite Flying Fox (also known as a Fruit Bat), Blackie,... Continue Reading →

Halfway Point

I know, I'm just as surprised as you.. I made it past the halfway point! In fact, I'm nearly 8 weeks in and I haven't thrown in the towel yet; miracles do happen! The craziest part of it all is that as each week passes, I fall more and more in love with the animals,... Continue Reading →

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